About Us

Carlisle pharmacy is a community leader committed to providing quality pharmacy care through our quality service and products delivery. We offer an extensive range of prescription medicines and over the counter medications for common ailments.

At Carlisle we know how important it is to make your health a top priority. We partner with you to live healthy and well. We are committed to providing health and wellness information to you to support your health and help you better understand your prescription drugs, medical conditions better. Our pharmacists are highly trained and can help you get the best results from your medications.

carlisle_mka foundation

Providing the needed support to those who have been broken and distressed. A listening ear and an open arm.



Our team of dedicated staff are there to advice on medications and their proper use and other lifestyle change that contribute to utmost health and well being.


Due to the recent global pandemic, we will only be taking orders from online. The process is simple and quick. You will love it!